Saturday, August 23, 2008

qp from kakleidesigns heart at the meadows kit

here is a quick page i made from kakleidesigns heart at the meadows kit...
you can get her kit here
you can download the quick page
please leave some love if you download thank you

alpha for butterfly fields kit

gingham alpha here
this goes with the papers just scroll down further for them...
click here for alpha

just a few layouts

these 2 layouts use the kit by
stacey crossley -its a boy..
which is so darn cute... this is coop
when he was 1st born a little over
10 months ago and
omg i cant believe he is
almost goes so fast..

this is jay sitting in the yard... hanging out on the swing set... the kit is wonderful and so complementary of different photos.. kakleidesigns -heart at the meadow...
this is of my father , when he was about 2 yrs old..the kit is kakleidesigns -heart at he meadows..

the layout is How blessed am I, the kit is lj nature walk,
and this is me and the kids sitting in the yard...

new kit because jamey made cheerleader and kiera is on soccer

Well here is my newest papers that go with the elements to follow, called butterfly fields... Ya'll get a freebie because my oldest is now an offical cheerleader, my middle daughter is now playing soccer and cooper is now standing on his own... so this has been a good week.. Along with my husband having his 30th birthday.. So, its been a wild few days...well same rules apply for these papers if you share please send them here to download...If you download please let me know what yall think of these papers it would be greatly appreciated... well guess yall want the link so here it .here

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

English Gardens papers

There are more papers then in the preview... If you scroll further down you will find the alpha and the elements for these papers.... Please let me know what yall think if you download... thanks and hope yall enjoy
you can find the papers

English Cottage kit

I started a new kit... English Cottage...Hope ya'll like it... there are tons more elements then in the preview.... if yall make something i would love to see what ya come with you can email it to me at and i will put it on the blog...if you share please send them here to download , please dont just forward download link... please let me know what yall think of it
you can download
elements here
alpha here

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st day of school

Today, my little girl starts 3rd grade, with a broken toe, and she so wanted to wear pretty shoes, but instead she is stuck wearing my flops, because it is too swollen to put even her flops on... This just sucks... There wont be any basketball practice and soccer practice until its better... she has grown up so much and it blows me away how much she has changed... I remember when she was first born and she had so many problems, at one point the doctors said she wouldnt live thru the night..And to look at her now, it just amazes much she has over come, from birth to partically deaf... nothing stops her...she is my hero.... and I dont think she will ever realize how much I admire her.... Her strength is an amazing thing....

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I have a surprise kit for yall, it has 18 elements and 10 papers...yall just have to download to find out whats in the surprise, the color pallet is listed...if you download please let me know what yall think thank you

here is your download links
elements here
papers here