Monday, August 18, 2008

1st day of school

Today, my little girl starts 3rd grade, with a broken toe, and she so wanted to wear pretty shoes, but instead she is stuck wearing my flops, because it is too swollen to put even her flops on... This just sucks... There wont be any basketball practice and soccer practice until its better... she has grown up so much and it blows me away how much she has changed... I remember when she was first born and she had so many problems, at one point the doctors said she wouldnt live thru the night..And to look at her now, it just amazes much she has over come, from birth to partically deaf... nothing stops her...she is my hero.... and I dont think she will ever realize how much I admire her.... Her strength is an amazing thing....

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lilysmom71 said...

Your daughter is adorable!! It's been a few years since my kids were that young and I REALLY miss those years!! I have 3 teenagers now. I can't believe how the time flies! Enjoy every minute and take care!! One of my fave quotes~ "A will finds a way" (I don't know the author) It sounds like your daughter definitely has a will!!!
Hugs ~ Becky